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April 2022 Newsletter

Timing is everything… As I sit and write this newsletter trying to find the right way to describe BMW’s new ConnectedRide Cradle a news flash just came over notifications on my phone…… It appears “The President” was finishing up a speech in an Iowa barn before corn farmers. He is touting his newest way to get the cost of gas down. All he had to do was announce he was suspending the maximum amount of ethanol added to our gas from 10% to 15%. He feels this should lower the cost of a gallon by 10 cents and the corn farmers would benefit with a larger market - a 30% increase. All I can say is a good stock tip would be a surge in fuel treatment additives to protect our fuel systems. At about $7 a bottle for treatment all the savings evaporates just like the economy. And the price of corn for food goes??? By the way, should you happen to see a video of the speech, it appears a bird evacuated on the lapel of his blue suit. No Comment! Back to the ConnectRide Cradle: a smart phone holder that acts as a charger and used as a navigation device during a trip, can also be used to access the vehicle navigation map and vehicle data in the field of view via your multiController (magic wheel). It accommodates smartphones of various sizes with individually adjustable arms and charges inductively or by cable. it can be locked on the docking station if the dock has locking options.

The bike needs to be equipped with factory Navigation (GPS) Prep. It is not compatible with bikes with GPS Prep that have an in-dashboard mounted docking station such as R1200RT, R1250RT and K1600 series models. Must have Bluetooth Low Energy in V 4.2 to satisfy the safety requirements for connection. The BMW Motorrad Connected app is required for proper function (always install the current updates). The conversion cradle comes with everything needed at $259. A specific charger adapting USB-C cable to Lightning, USB-C or Micro USB cable depending on phone is $30. A little less than $849 for a Navigator 6.

Our beautiful R18 Candy Apple Red has an additional 2808 miles on her. They won’t appear on the speedometer as she travelled in style onboard MotorCycle Movers with Gary at the wheel. BMW Motorrad chose to showcase her at the HandBuilt Show in Austin,TX last weekend. She was also on BMW Motorcycles USA Facebook page.

Eastern Europe’s conflicts have definitely affected BMW and their ability to equip, produce, and ship motorcycles. Not all models will have all the bells and whistles, some models will be in very short supply and those which do get built may take 2 months or longer to arrive. The Southern California market is being flooded with ads from out of state sellers. Buyer beware. If you are searching for a special bike and think you’ve found it…ask the seller to have a dealer do a pre-delivery check for you.

Sales incentives are primarily on Heritage models - R9T and R18’s; a few exceptions; call if you are looking for something specific. Riding weather is back, check your tires and brakes, consider an annual fluid change if it’s been a while and greet the wind from your bike-best Rx ever. As always, thank you for your continued support all these years.

your gang at West Valley Cycle Sales.

HERITAGE is an expression of the ways of living developed by a community and passed on from generation to generation, including customs, practices, places, objects, artistic expressions and values.

In 1950/51 this small space was the entire home of WVCS. It incorporated sales, service and repair, parts, offices. It was the dream of Jay Richter who single handily managed all functions. Working late into the night to build a secure future for his young family.

After his passing in 2012, this area was completely remodeled in 2015 gaining WVC needed additional space for future growth. Because of Jay's foresight, other spaces were found and repurposed for service and repair, separate parts department and removal of offices to another building. It was all here, just needed reimagining.

When BMW announced the addition of the Heritage line in 2018; it was rather easy to turn our original space into a Heritage showroom. Bikes in the Heritage line - R9T's and the masterful R18 fit perfectly into our history.

Currently on the platform is a 1958 R50/2 which we sold new and a miniature version of the same bike. Jay and Don Watson and Jay Carlson are responsible for the cutting down of another 1958 R50/2 to create this unique one of a kind hand-built version. A new R18 is front and center as well as a 2020 R9T Scrambler, 2020 R9T Pure/5, original 2014 R9T classic and 2016 R9T Blue Planet on loan.

Artwork will soon be added consisting of original BMW line drawings of classic components. A rack of BMW's new Heritage line of apparel and riding gear has been added - some selling out before they can be hung up. As soon as available, accessories for the R18 will be displayed featuring a quick change out for testing different handlebars, seats, wheels, etc. on a floor sample bike.

As BMW's oldest continuously owned dealership in the United States, we are truly proud of our third generation Heritage with BMW.


Call for qualifying requirements for additional discounts for
Emergency Services Personnel, Military, Center Employees, BMW Car Club of America, etc.



R1250GS Exclusive

R1250GS Adventure


The long awaited BMW G310R

R9T's - "The Club"

Left to Right: R9T Pure, R9T Scrambler, R9T Urban GS, R9T Cafe Racer

Up Close and Personal...



Blue Planet

Blue Planet




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