Newsletter - January 2018

A story of deer and kangaroos, reflectors and mounds of paper confusion, providing dirt and fun.

A couple of months ago we posted a warning on our Facebook page (West Valley Cycle Sales, Inc.) to watch out for deer on Mulholland after a WVCS friend avoided a deer in the middle of the day but wiped out a significant portion of his XR in the attempt. While being treated for his injuries he learned of another rider who actually hit a deer and was suffering with many broken bones and a lengthy recovery.

We love our canyons but WATCH OUT FOR DEER.

Kangaroos - outside of the zoo, are found far, far away; but like the deer they can pop out in ways you would least expect.

Late last Friday we received an "Important/Urgent" Message from BMWNA advising us to immediately purge our inventory of some of the best selling items of apparel.

"Why" you ask...

Apparently California has enacted a law forbidding the importation or sale of any part or product containing KANGAROO LEATHER. Gone are the leather Sport pants and jackets; gone are 5 of the most popular gloves including the 2 in 1 and Rallye and EnduroGuard.

Until the law is changed, CA dealers must pull all identified items and return them to the East Coast (can't return them to Stockton where most originated). The entire US dealer network is blocked from ordering these items until a process of importation and distribution is secured.

You gotta love California!

At least it's not a recall....

BMW recently underwent a Compliance Audit Inspection and many little things were uncovered. Apparently reflectors in the license plate area COULD be obscured IF the bike had saddle bags installed.So a STOP SALE occured for most BMW saddlebags and side cases. All models affected needed to have reflectors repositioned to cure the defect. Some modifications were simple to address while others required new pieces be designed, tested and approved before the sale ban was lifted.As a precaution, BMW held all inventory stock and had the packages opened, reflectors added, sealed back up until all were done. All now have been released except for the ATACAMA SYSYEM. We have been told they will be resolved within the next couple of weeks.

Here’s where the confusion comes into view...BMW does not know if bags have been mounted on any bike. So if a bike was sold with saddle bag mounts or could have saddle bag mounts installed in the future...BMW took the position to notify all customers of potentially affected bikes back to 2013 models. Chances are very good you received a letter from BMW about reflectors, if so, we can take care of the problem.

Also a letter went out to people who could have LED bulbs in their turn signals. If you got one of these, we can clear that one out for you also.

If you got a letter (RECALL) regarding fork bushings, we finally have repair parts to handle those recalls also.

Yes, there are mounds of paper confusion piling up but we now have a handle on the resolutions. Most can be done in just a few minutes, just call ahead with the last 7 positions of your VIN to make sure we are ready when you want to come in for the “fix”.

Last Saturday trainers from Black Swan Moto came to play in the dirt at WVC. Actually the area we use for the annual picnic was turned into an exhibition area for about a dozen GS/GSA riders to learn the fine points of slow riding, tight turns and balance. The size was perfect, the weather was perfect (a little warm) and our first test of the process was a great success. We promise more of these will be forthcoming. If you can’t wait, visit blackswanmoto.com for their local schedule at Gorman. Thank you BlackSwan for a great afternoon.

Now for the fun part...

bikes, bikes and more bikes!

We have a small supply of G310R’s; 2@ 2017 1200GSA’s with FREE Navigator VI (priced below 2018 1200GS’, we have both a Sport and an Exclusive 2018@1200GS; our Martian Red 1200RT is one of those amazing colors and fully equipped; our lineup of R9T’s is fully assembled including a Blue Planet; 2017 F800GS/GSA’s include Low and Standard and are priced for any budget including 1.9% BMWFS financing for 60 months or 48 months on EasyRide.One 2016@ F800GT remains as well as 2 racing red S1000XR’s; one left 2017 S1000RR in Racing Red/Black and a few others priced with all previous incentives applied for savings.

Coming soon...the G310GS possibly next month; the K1600Bagger Grand American with Top Case and alternate color choice; then the C400X Urban Mobility Vehicle (scooter) and mid-spring the F750/850GS’s.

Thanks to all of you long time supporters and all the new faces who have discovered WVCS, we ended 2017 as the best year in over 10 years!

The Legend Lives ON...

Ride safe, Jay, Robyne, Marco, Joseph, Ellen John, Ruth, Buddy, Ben, Clancy and Big Bad Bailey with a generous hat tip to Gus and Jim