Newsletter - August 2017

Greetings and Salutations!

The K1600B (Bagger) arrived and Jay had it quickly on the road turning heads. This bike is just about perfect... and the talk at Sturgis this year.
The styling on it is amazing. It is lighter, more powerful, more horsepower, has a 3-year warranty and is less expensive than any other comparable model
that is out there today. The Bagger is based on the proven K1600GT/GTL but with some slight modifications. The rear bodywork has been completely redesigned
with a new rear frame (2.8” lower), restyled, lower passenger seat: improved comfort/accessibility, streamlined cases with stylish rear lights and horizontal
chrome mufflers, reverse and of course the performance you have come to expect from the K1600’s. The best part is the base MSRP of $19,995 and loaded comes
in around $24,500.

It is available for a test ride and we are currently taking orders for delivery in 30-45 days. Come and see for yourself.

Speaking of taking orders, pre-orders are being taken for the G310R which are expected to arrive next month with the G310GS arriving before year end. Confirmed
yesterday! (Finally!!)


Rather than bringing in used bikes on consignment to sit on the floor, we have established a listing of Want to Buy and Want to Sell. These bikes have been
sold and serviced by us and are available directly from the owners. Current options include an amazing ’15 K1300S with less than 6500 miles, warranty, extras,
special limited edition and loaded; an 07 1200GS with low miles and loaded. On the wanted side, any 1970-1984 models. For referrals and to check for updated
additions, just call or check out the Community Board in the “Biker Bar” for details.

BMW’s Loyalty and Conquest Incentives are back until the end of August. Discounts of $750-1000 off ’16,’17 and ‘18 MY units (exceptions K1600 Bagger and G310’s).
These are in addition to other exiting programs offering hundreds to thousands off selected models.

The soft side Atacama system for 800/1200GS/GSA’s are gaining popularity for their capacity, versatility and cost. If you haven’t seen this great alternative
to aluminum side cases, drop by and check them out for yourself.

Don’t forget to check your tire pressure on a regular basis and get outside and go for a ride (don’t let the dust settle in the garage), pay attention to your
service indictors and please ride safely!

Thank you for your continued support over the past 67 years!

Jay, Robyne, Marco, Ellen, Joseph, Keith, John, Ruth, Buddy, Ben, Clancy, Big Bad Bailey and a tip of the hat to Jim.